Feeling very uninspired for the next chapter. Really wish that wasn't the case but I know you've all been waiting and I just had to admit it. I will try to come up with something but it has been quite hard. All the love, xx.


Even if it takes years, I would wait. This book made me feel things beyond comprehension. And anything you would write will be just as amazing. Don't doubt yourself. Happy to be waiting. 


@something_hopeless good luck for the next chapters of your book ! 


@something_hopeless take your time i just really love the books it's amazing!!  and i just can't wait until you upload another amazing chapter!!  


Being the bad boys victim it’s my second favorite book . I love all your books I think I read them all . 


Will you be finishing catching his queen? Million dollar man is one of my favorites and the sequel is so good


hi yet again, i don’t know if you are reading this and i dont know when you will come back but i really really really hope you are doing okay! 


Hey just want you to know that i love your stories! And idk how many times i reread MDM and CHQ because they are just so damn good!! Thank you for writing these beautiful babies


Hey author
          Please please update CHQ!! I read it every month so that I remember every detail of the story for the upcoming chapter!
          Please know that I am desperately waiting for chapter 17!! And I am absolutely in love with your writting.
          Lots of love ❤️