~Directioner 💙💚💛❤️🇨🇮 ot5
~Ziam 💛❤️
~Teen Wolf
~Potterhead ⚡
It's a safe place you can love whoever you want and you can be whoever you want basta che tu non sia unx antis,un omofobx,o unx razzista se sei unx tra questi puoi benissimo non seguirmi non mi dispiace.
~love Is only for the brave~ 💙
~I'm still love with you~ 🇨🇮
~How can I forget someone who gave me so much to remember?~❤️
~I see all your flaws and imperfections
But that's what makes me love you more .Don't you know you're fuckin' beautiful~💛
~Don't worry about It,everthing Is gonna be fine ~💚
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