Hello, everyone.
          	I’m alive and well... but unfortunately I have been suffering from writer’s block for a long time now. With work, family, and all the sh!t in the world... I’m not even sure what to do anymore.
          	Thanks for reading my stories. Some of them are in progress on being enhanced before I hit rock bottom. 
          	I’ll try my best to be back.
          	Thanks you.


@soccer_crazy yo you and your mental health should always come first


@soccer_crazy hey i hope you are doing well, just a humble request dont write any other story please just give us princess and the nerd 5 last story because it has been 3 years that I have waited for this entire series to complete and sometimes I even have dreams about this story. So please complete this after that if you want you can disappear from wattpad but please let us have an ending to this beautiful story.


@soccer_crazy Could u play update Bet 2.....really waiting for reading the restttt


re-reading for the nth time :( pls come back


What is happening with The Princes and the nerd 5? Are u going to write it? And the rest of your books? I love all of them and hope you are going to finish them  Merry Christmas 


          Are all your books connected somehow?
          And if they are, what order should I read them in?


Oh thank you


@Courtney_Killed_Kurt @Courtney_Killed_Kurt there all connected. I can't tell which order you should read them. But among tgese books, The Bet Happens first. Then The Bet 2. Then Princess And The Nerd, Silent Affection and Strangers In a Park happen around the same time, which is about 20 years after The Bet. High Stakes also takes place at that time And Princess and the nerd 3 and onward it features the characters from other stories. I hope I'm making sense


Why do I feel like I've read Bet 2 "completed" before?