THICK accent

Love to read

I'm dyslexic (makes it harder to read, wright, and spell than most people)

I'm a lesbian

I'm slightly introverted

I'm 22

I love animals

I LOVE to draw or do any kind of art work

I love my family even if we are all complete ass holes

I make strait A's

I LOVE music (seriously music is my life)

I play the saxophone

I hate sports (they're fine I just don't understand them and as long as I'm not doing them I'm good--not that I'm fat or lazy cuz I'm not (fat anyway) I'm just accident prone and have been hit with almost every playing item of most sports (including some that aren't even sports))

I'm not funny unless I'm being an ass

I think I'm a nice person (unless you piss me off then I'm the devil reincarnated)

I AM female

And if you really just read all that you are either

A) rrreeeeeeaaaaalllyyy really bored

B) a stalker


C) seriously you're bored.


~The girl you just called fat? She's over dosing on diet pills.
~The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting on makeup, hoping people will like her.
~That boy you just tripped? He's abused enough at home.
~See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country.
~That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.

Know the story before you decide, think before you speak, and always be kind; until they give you a good reason not to be- then destroy them for being assholes.

{Girl+Girl} Gender❤️
{Boy+Boy} Doesn't💙
{Boy+Girl} Matter💛

{Boy+Girl+Girl} Love💗
{Girl+Boy+Boy} Can💗
{Girl+Girl+Girl} Be💗
{Boy+Boy+Boy} Infinite💗

{Demi+Significant Other} Love💞
{Pan+Significant Other} Is💞
{Ace+Friends} Special 💞

If you're for equal rights and representation put this on your profile.
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