Hi! The name's Kaytlin. : )

》 T H I N G S _ T O _ K N O W 《

• Taurus

• Slytherin (obviously lol)

• Disaster Bi

• She/her

• Pizza Lover

• Permanently Exausted Pigeon yet somehow also a Night Owl, it's complicated

• Stressed and somewhat depressed high school student

• Hermione Granger when it comes to books

• Frequently uses sarcasm as a coping mechanism

• I'm not really a writer (hence why I have a Wattpad account, where you write stuff, obviously)

• LGBTQ+ supportive, if you're not then excuse me could you please leave

• I'm both a Loki and a Tony Stark fan, so if you need me I'll either be in the corner sobbing over the last two Avengers movies or jumping up and down in excitement over Loki's upcoming Disney+ series and ignoring canon in favor of denial and fanfiction

• My obsession with Good Omens is ineffable

• Since quarantine happened I've finally had time to binge all the anime I could get my hands on, so there's that

• Feel free to dm me or write on my message board about anything, fandom related stuff, questions about whether or not tears are eye juice, whatever

H o u s e U n i t y - H o u s e P r i d e


Here, have a list of some of the fandoms and music artists I like.

》F A N D O M S《

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Good Omens

Doctor Who

Harry Potter


How To Train Your Dragon


Percy Jackson

The Seven Deadly Sins

Blue Exorcist

Bungo Stray Dogs

Sherlock Holmes (Movies)

Sherlock (BBC)


》M U S I C《

Twenty Øne Piløts

Imagine Dragons

Panic! At The Disco

Fall Out Boy

Melanie Martinez


Lady Gaga


Troye Sivan


Arctic Monkeys


Lindsey Sterling

One Republic



Wow. You made it to the end.
*throws confetti everywhere* Congrats! Have a cookie.

So yeah, I've almost hit the character limit, I probadbly need to shorten up my bio, it's getting ridiculous.
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