She's the type of girl who looks in the mirror and doesn't care about what she sees. She doesn't think of herself as beautiful or gorgeous nor does she see herself as ugly. She's the type of girl who stays up late in bed listening to music or crying herself to sleep every night. She fights her hardest everyday to feel even the smallest amount of happiness but is often let down. She has major trust issues when it comes to guys yet she's able to befriend them easily. She tries to keep her feelings to herself because she believes she isn't worth the worry or sympathy of those around her. She's the girl you used to see in the school halls reading a novel when she wasn't with her friends, when she was with friends she was a hyper and wild untamed "freak" always goofing off and tormenting the guys. Some people have said she's gorgeous but doesn't use her beauty to her advantage, others say she's insecure... But really she just doesn't give a care about how others see her. She's not insecure even though some would beg to differ due to the fading scars on her wrists, but what they don't know is thats the after math from the stress and pain in her life and to feel like she Is real. She doesn't feel insecure. Never has. She just feels like she doesn't belong in this world. Her world is one of magick and mystery the Other Realm as some call it or the Spirit Realm. It's there that she feels free from being held down and forced to assimilate into the image her family thinks is best for her. She is the girl you see and think wow ok yea, she's cute. But once you get to see her dark side will generally be turned off.
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