I have a secret for anyone that reads this ;)
          	(by popular demand.. i announce to you a bonus chapter coming May 16!!)


Hey Ms. Author i really loved your book 1 am Therapy, no regrets to read this. Thank you
          It's already 1am here, hoping someone calls me and said "he's Nico"


I read this book expecting nothing. It was a good read. Short but fun. I love the humour and also a sucker for references. Looking forward to your next works!  


i love you for your honesty, i’m so glad you liked the references! i hadn’t thought so many people would pick up on them hahah


Hey, I just finished reading 1 AM Therapy and I enjoyed it very much and laughed a lot. 
          I quickly fell in love with Nico and Nessa 
          It was a lovely read and I look forward to reading any further work that you publish!
          Thank you 


thank you so much! you have no idea how much that means to me hahah ❤️❤️