@shakthi Hi are thr tour books on dreame too.. pls let me know which books r thr on dreame. I love your books 


          	  Since I have a legal contract with Dreame, I can’t upload it here...I will try to do it when the contract time is over after 1 year.


          Hope u r well please converse or simply give some sign that u r all right concern about u'r well-being 


Hello dear @shakthi
          Hope u r doing fine. Really miss your updates. More than that just want to know you are fit n fine physically and mentally. Thank you 

AakanshaTyagi6 are you doing?
          It's been so long since you have uploaded a chapter of someone somewhere is made for you....plz update soon.


Brooo pls update someone somewhere is made for you pls. Michael is my first fictional crush pleajjjjj. 


Please update to love and be loved. You once said that more than half of the plot is ready.plz I can't wait anymore  also someone somewhere made for you 


Will you plz tell me when are you going to update 'someone somewhere is made for You '


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Got a chance to ready you B&B story , its really superb dude 


Gods your book was the first Indian author book I have ever read and you have written betrayed and broken really really good that I read it 10 times and now for the 11th time I am going to read. Hope you write more like this and stay home and stay safe!!


Hey there...!!!
          I just wanted to know that when are you going to update the story of Ella and Michael.
          I am looking forward to read further.
          It is really interesting story.. I am totally on love with this story.
          Please update the story. I really am requesting you...


            It’s such a good story I really want to read more