heyyyy shawtys
so new acc cause my old one was yucky n cringe (old one was @Audrey_scorpionzden )

soooo my name changes a lot buttttt atm itz:

pronouns are he him n it/its

i'm pansexual, boyflux and maybe ace?
anyways pg-13 shit no slurs or nothing
no r.cism, lgbtphobia or anything offensive

i'm a huge idiot and i'll call you dumbass or other shit in like
a friendly way, if that makes sense? idk i'll edit this shit later
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Story by ✨wilbur✨
artbook one: new crap? new crap. by scorpydork
artbook one: new crap? new crap.
artbook one dont steal my art you snot brained fuck that's a big nono
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