Hey guys (I know, I'm alive XD)
          	Life has been crazy, I have a bub on the way and I swear they are using all my brain power haha.
          	I just wanted to let you all know that it was brought to my attention that Forsaken Deity has gone missing D: 
          	I went through wattpads help centre (after freaking out for a good minute) and they have stated that they are aware of an issue where stories are going missing from accounts and are in the process of fixing it. 
          	I'll try to keep an eye on it to make sure it comes back, it's one of my favourite stories I ever wrote and I would hate for it to be lost. 
          	Hope you've all been well!


@saturn137 congratulations 


@saturn137 yayyy  I’m glad they’re back!


@LochlynNielsen I'm back hopefully lol. Real life is extremely good at keeping me tied up lately. All my stories are back thank god. Three of them were gone from the site yesterday! I have them all on different hard drives and such, but the thought of losing all the comments and encouragement people have left me on them over the years was scary


I love all of your books! You are an amazing author! Will you ever rewrite or finish the Fae series? 


Omg I just finished read the heart of glass book I loved it sooooo much I still have lots of questions about that book but its fine. Now I want to read another one of Saturn137 book I just don't know which one I should read next can anyone help me on which one I should read next of Saturn137 book, please and thank you


i just finished Forsaken Deity, i love it! i read it in one day haha! you’re an amazing author! lots of love ❤️ 


I’ve had Haven in my reading list for the longest time and was never very keen on reading it but after seeing it so many times in different recommendations I gave in and may I just say I LOVE IT I read it in one day and also I’m dumb cause now it’s over but I’m glad you wrote it. I appreciate your writing style, Rylan is hilarious and the dream guy how he perfectly complimented Norah and stick with her it’s all just ughhhh I really enjoyed it so thank you for sharing it, for writing it 


Isn't it lovely, 
          All alone 
          Heart made of glass, 
          My mind of stone
          Tear me to pieces, 
          Skin and bone 
          Welcome home 
          Sorry reading the title of one of your books reminded me of this 


Hey, I was wondering if you were going to do a sequel to Forsaken Deity?? Or a spin off on one of the other characters (i.e. Apollo)??


I was craving a new werewolf novel and got recommended Haven and loved it! I got curious about your writing style and read Faery Vow even though I'm not a big fan of other faerie books. Again, loved it! (Surprisingly, I was satisfied with the ending despite not getting a sequel to it yet.)
          After reading and loving both books, I decided I'm a big fan and read Poisoned Crown. I got to Chapter 12 and was so sad that it wasnt completed T-T I saw that the book hasn't been updated since 2018 and I don't have much hope you'll continue it, but I wanted to let you know it's in my library, ready for whenever you do decide to pick it up again :)