i didn't notice when it happened but "shelter" has reached over a 100k views omg
          	thanks so much for all your support <3


@sarsasstic congratulations!!


Hi! I was wondering if you’d be open to critiquing my new (and first ever) HP fanfic. I’m absolutely terrified and I want to know what others think or it. I don’t know if you accept reading requests, but if you don’t, sorry.


Just wanted to say your profile picture is a mood. Also, congratulations on reaching 1k followers, I didn't notice, I'm afraid, sorry for being so late. And good luck in the awards♡


@-hellsqueen thank you so much! haha i have been meaning to change the profile picture for a while, but i forget. good luck to you too, and stay safe <3


Hi! There's a girl who used to be homeschooled that's going to college and her biggest secret is found out by her hot next door neighbor. What will she do? Find out if you read my book "Genny's Freshman Year at Genny."
          I hope you consider reading it and if you like it, recommend it. I'm going to look at your most recent post if you have one. I'm excited to check out your work and/or library!
          All the best, Dara