hiya. due to personal reasons and changes of view, i'm no longer posting stories about the fandom i previously contributed to in a way i wish i hadn't of. to all the people who have given me support and love, and thank you so much and what you have said will never go unforgotten. thank you for every read, vote, friendship, and kind message throughout my time here. i'm sorry i left some stories unfinished where i promised i'd finish them; i can't force myself to. in no way is this meant to hurt any of you all- if anything, feel free to imagine and ending or unfulfilled plotline and consider it a headcanon. or as canon. 
regarding this account, i'm not deleting/trying to erase it. i'm leaving this message up. any comments you make i will never see, as i'm leaving this app behind. well, more so this account. look, if you understand, i appreciate it. if not, i understand that. but don't bother commenting because i won't see it. please understand that i love what this community has done for me and a lot of the people in it with my whole heart, but i can't keep contributing in the way that i did.
thank you, and i love you all so very much.
-saltyd caramel ❤️❤️❤️
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saltydcaramel saltydcaramel May 09, 2019 03:03AM
heyo! school is pretty hectic rn, and since i haven't been able to write much, i will be going on a tiny hiatus. fear not! i should be back by the end of this month. much love!! ♥️
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