riiight, i keep on forgetting: IF YOU EVER WANT A COVER, REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN~ 
          	Icon/Banner-thingy is welcome too


If you have the time and have seen, could you maybe write an "x reader" story for Ouran High School Host Club?
          It's embarrassing smh but you're such a good writer, lol. If you've never seen it don't force yourself to watch it. You probably wouldn't but might as well say it. Thanks.


please make a chat noir x reader!!btw i loovveeeeee ur hiro x reader! i read it for my 28th time


I see you are a fan of disney, it would mean a lot if you checked out my book it's called "the disney roleplay". If you could tag your friends who also love disney that would be great. Love you and your writing style!! Bye.