Hewwo, it's CJ. I'mma tell you guys a little about Kai. They are sweet. You would be the luckiest person if you ever become friends with them. If you want to be friends with them, here's there account @DracosDesires. You can find their other account at @Lxmegxth. Kai is pansexual and Non-binary, so if you guys disrespect them for that, I will personally hunt you down and murder you. Kai always needs cuddles, so don't be afraid to ask for a virtual hug 😊.

Now I'm going to tell you my likes and dislikes
Anime- bnha, Junjo Romantica, free!, Etc.
LGBT community
Harry Potter
People who support LGBT
Following people for the heck of it
You guys enjoying my work
Making people happy
Hurting anyone that hurts you guys

Haters of any kind
Hate comments
People being mean to my friends

So now it's Kai talking about CJ UwU
So CJ is an AMAZING person, they do not deserve to be attacked in any way do STAY AWAY >:(
You can find them @RavenclawTryHard_69 GO FOLLOW THEM REEEEEE
They're very cute and cuddly and I wish to cuddle them through the phone but unfortunately we all know that's not possible :(
Besides the point
CJ is gender fluid so do NOT bully them as I WILL find out and I know how to use a knife!!
Just a warning teehee ❤
They're literally the sweetest being to walk this earth I swear to god jwhwuwhsus
You'd be very lucky to be their friend as they care about everyone so much it should be classified as UNREAL!!

Here's my (Kai's) likes and dislikes!! 👁👄👁

- HP, PJO & HoO
- Drarry and Percico
- Saying 'teehee ❤'
- Friends!
- The LGBTQIAP+ Community
- Anyone that's nice to me!
- 80's music:D
- Bring Me The Horizon
- Grunge

- Anyone who has the what does it take to voice their opinion that could deeply offend others.
- homophobia/transphobia/racism/embyphobia
- the colour pink
- ships that include a child and an adult.
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