@KenYourButtNot omg I'm so happy to see your username! thanks for being here, it means a lot xx


So happy to hear back from you! Thanks for your wonderful books! ♥️ I really hope everything’s going amazing and you already that if you need anything at all or someone to talk to I’m here! :)


hiii can you tell me the name of the book that sean's friend said it reminded him of flora? pls PLSS I CANT REMEMBER THE NAME


Hello Christine!!!!
          KITEP and KAON are the BESTTTTT stories i've ever read. I am wishing for another sequel.  the story is sooo relatable i love all of it, you're so great!!!!! 


Hi Christine, my fave author and doctor!!! Hope u r doing okay with this pandemic and u being in the frontline. Stay safe, we cant lose a brilliant writer and beautiful soul doctor ❤


Hi Christine! I just wanted to let you know I love love love KITEP & KAON!! I have to admit that KITEP drew me in because of its generic cool girl falls for geek guy but KAON made me reread the series multiple times because of the writing and the character development  Hats off to you! Really appreciate all the work you put into your books, I noticed it in KAON when there were so much details about how Flora had planned Sean’s week in Tokyo and I was really amazed with all the research you probably did for it. On a side note, I really hope you don’t make this into a paid book on Wattpad as I keep coming back to it every now and then (unless you’re publishing it and I’ll def buy both of the books!!). Thank you once again for the books and take care! ❤️


Aww thank you! Hope I don’t disappoint you ;)


@weiyi_5sos Your message just inspired me to read the book. I'm intrigued


Hi Christine ! Hope you're safe and well !
          I am a very old reader, and have come back to Sean and Flora because I was quite missing them in these quarantine days. This time around I realised that KAON is on a whole other level ! I mean, KITEP is great and one of the few good books on Wattpad, but KAON marks a huge leap in your writing abilities and is a great great work of literature. I guess I'll keep coming back to it all my life. Theres one thing I'd like to ask you though - what compelled you to write this beautiful story about relationships, what was the inspiration behind it ? I'm very curious and will be glad to know ! Thanks for Sean and Flora. Take care :)


Just wanna say how much I love Sean and flora and I love to see the growth not only in the characters but your writing! It’s just amazing!