@KenYourButtNot omg I'm so happy to see your username! thanks for being here, it means a lot xx


So happy to hear back from you! Thanks for your wonderful books! ♥️ I really hope everything’s going amazing and you already that if you need anything at all or someone to talk to I’m here! :)


Um I like your books I can't even put phone down  I guess I need to get reading glasses before I get my eyes damaged ..  I spend late nights still reading


Hey Christine! How are you?.....I hope KITEP and KAON get published soon... because I really want the paperback version.... everyone needs to have it.... because it really is that much great..I already read them twice on wattpad... and it never gets boring..I really really really hope it gets published......


I've postponed reading KAON for a day because I didn't want it to end. I can't believe my favorite couple finally got their happy ending. Thanks for the story. It's by far my best story in wattpad. I love love every single one of the characters and I love how Dylan and Carmen didn't end up together because that's gonna be extremely cliche. Keep writing stories :) I'm one of those who'll be here to support all of them.