IMPORTANT: SASS AWARDS PARTICIPANTS. I was planning to sit today and release all results but this weird glitch or whatever from wattpad makes it impossible for me to log in to @afragileheartforever without reseting my password. And unfortunately, it appears the mail I used for that account seems to have been deactivated, so I can't access it to reset my password. So with no way to log in, I can't do anything :( Judges, if you could please get word out about this, it would be so helpful. And any ambassadors know if it possible to recover an account without an email. If I could somehow prove it's me or soemthing and get access to afragileheartforever and switch it to another mail I have access too :((. Please let me know:(


@queen_of_sass MoodyMooseMouse just sent his followers a message that WP was hacked and passwords were stolen. Go to his name to read more.


@queen_of_sass send a ticket. For now, just click on forgot password using your username. 


@queen_of_sass hey girl hang tight, it's a glitch. They're working on it, even us Ambassadors have little info right now 


@queen_of_sass AAAHHHHH. Gurl, your story The Wrong Indian Flag has been featured on Escape Through Stories!:D
          Congratulationssss!! ❤︎❤︎❤︎


I took a screenshot for you since I don't think you've been on Wattpad lately and I don't want you to miss it :'(
            I hope you're OK ❤︎


Congratulation for being featured on Escape Through Stories! <3 I've seen your The Wrong Indian Flag there, and the list is at WP homepage <3 That's so fantastic :-D


Hi! Would you like to be a part of an anthology and publish a short three page story with Rosewood Publications?!