How did this man know of my nickname “Karm” 


i miss you too :’(( we need to like exchange numbers or something i’m hardly active on here anymore 


A reminder on what a healthy relationship isn’t. 
          It is not constantly debating if you are loved by the person you love. 
          And it is not dwelling on the few good moments you had to justify your endurance.
          It also is not defining possessive behavior as an example of their love
          It is not thinking about what to say perfectly before you say it.
          It also isn’t being afraid to say what you want in fear of their reaction.
          It isn’t constantly feeling unsure if you are talking too much, being too quiet, always feeling unsettled around them
          It isn’t learning how to hate yourself from how annoying they convince you that you are. 
          It isn’t finding yourself apologizing, even when you know you did nothing wrong, to make peace. 
          It isn’t always wondering why the easiest things are so difficult to get them to do.
          It isn’t your emotions taking a dive everytime they come around you, your spirit clenching in preparation around them. 
          It isn’t going from extreme highs to extreme lows, & wondering how it always gets so intense. 
          It isn’t feeling problematic when you air your concerns.
          It doesn’t feel like walking on eggshells to keep them happy.
          You don’t find yourself adjusting your standards to make room for “mistakes” they repeatedly make. 
          It isn’t disconnecting from the core of yourself so you can endure them longer.


and that’s on PERIOD