''Natural disasters come to the world: I rely on space to farm and store goods ''has been deleted by wattpad.


Anyone wants to read apocalypse disaster, transmigration, book wear, romance MTL feel free to check my wall!! Just read the first page of every book for sypnosis and book details hope you find something you like to add to your library! 


Hello, can I ask if anybody can remember about a cnovel which is about a girl who got a portable space (I’m not sure if she was reborn tho) and it’s in a modern world. She didn’t do much with her soace except make some dress and food with the things in her space and I also think it has a cultivation elements in there too in which she can’t eat food from normal world as it was incomparable with food at her space and I also prominently remember about a scene in which she commisioned a bamboo businessman to make products with her bamboos from space in which it was a very rare kind and topnotch bamboo. I’ve been looking for it in my library but I don’t know if it was deleted or there were too many story T_T


Hello. May I ask for the link of the site where you got "After wearing it as a cannon fodder in farming text"? There is another pre-conceived novel there entitled "Wearing to the Primitive Society to Engage in Infrastructure " and I am very interested to read it.