Sabi nga sa Gakuwesaribig, "Lahat naman ng pangyayari sa buhay natin, once in a blue moon lang. Kahit kailan, hindi na eksaktong nauulit ang bawat araw."
          	Same for Gaku Series, now published by Lathala Press! Di na mauulit, kaya preorder na until March 16, 2020. (Sakto sahod today haha!) 
          	Php 1199 for TWO books na!
          	- pinagandang kuwento (bilib ako sa editing prowess ng Lathala)
          	- something-ish na wala sa Wattpad ;)
          	- super duper ganda ng front at back cover
          	- with postcards sa first 100
          	- a chance to win limited Peachxidust merch kung nag-order kayo until today ;)
          	This will NOT be available in ANY bookstores, so sana makapag-order kayo. For more info on where to order or about the giveaways, check Lathala Press and Peachxvision on Facebook! Salamat!


@stannaaap Hala, sorry, hindi ko pala ito nasagot. :(


@peachxvision local pre-order lang po?


Hello! Sorry for plugging. If you have spare time, you can try reading my story. 
          Title: After You
          Genre: Romance, Comedy
          Here's the link:

          "Inspire them to move forward and be happy."
          This was Georgina's task at the end of the sem for her client in their psychology class. But what if her client will be Red Aiden Montero? The 22 year old Marine Engineering Student and the Vocalist of Sweet Escape. 
          Will Georgina be able to stand on Red's not-so-good attitude? 
          And with all their beliefs and differences in life, will music help them find something in common?


Sorry for plugging.
          Bored ka?
          Gusto mo ng nakakiyak at nakakakilig ng story bisistahin mo lang ang story ko syempre wala pa yung masakit na part kase sinusulat ko pa. Kung gusto mong maiyak e ipagpatuloy mo ang pagbabasa sa story ko
                Until We Say Goodbye.....
          Salamat sa mga magbabasa. Salamat din sa mang-iignore hehe. Iniba ko nga pala yung prologue alam niyo kung bakit...... basta. Sana mabasa niyo po  salamat uli


hi!! sorry for plugging, if you have time please check out my first published story, "Over October." please leave a vote and share it to people you know! thank you, and stay safe!! 
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Hi! Sorry to promote my story here. But, if you have spare time. Kindly read my story. Votes and comments are highly appreciated.
          Biyaheng Broken Hearted
          Genre: Romance/Teen Fiction
          Author: love_angeliccx
          Status: On-going
          Here's the link:
          Till Death Do Us Part
          Genre: Romance
          Author: love_angeliccx
          Status: On-going
          Here's the link:


hii ateee! good ebning. ewan ko kung bakit ngayon ko lang nadiscover pen name mo but don't yah worry, I'll try reading your works po. and just keep writing, and you won't be forgotten. :))


Hi Co-Writers! Permission to all of you for plugging this here. 
          Are you writing a story? If yes feel free to plug it on my conversation box. You can message me as well so i could read it as well. 
          I give 10 votes and feedbacks if you follow me. I just want to support and read my co-writers work!❤️


Guysss! I read a story of an undderated author. Her pen name is GoeieLesers and I can say that her story 'My Dearest Diary of Love' is already finish and it's not jeje. Short story lang siya but it's good. I hope you guys can read it too. Share ko lang hehe. Let's support aspiring authors as well! God bless.