Idk why I have followers, but if you found me and decided to follow me, thanks lol
I generally only come on this app if I'm super bored so I'm mostly inactive.
Mainly because I grew up and this app is kinda swarmed by edgy little kids (like my former self)

If you care to know about me, I'm a girl, I like marvel and stuff, and Uh I like to draw.

My god I've been on this hell app for five years-
Idk if I plan on writing anything. Maybe. If I do, may be on a different account. This ones probably just gonna be used to comment on stuff
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paytonthegryffindor paytonthegryffindor Feb 12, 2020 06:44AM
I unpublished a Jurassic world fanfic from when I was 12 like 2 years ago and it just sits there and haunts me. I don’t have the heart to delete it, so it just sits there and judges me for my sins
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