Just got Dark Lord Kasel and Fallen Frey in “King’s Raid” and maxes out all the stats on Dark Lord Kasel!!!!! If you want to friend me if you have the game, my account is CJM172424 and just send me a private message.


Just spreading some news to keep the people informed. I apologize if this bothers you.
          Disney to purging it's SJW staff! Brie Larson degraded!

          She-Ra eaten alive by it's own fans! Called Anti-Black!

          Streamer mocks Make A Wish Kids and gets rekt! Caught Lying!

          YouTube blasted after giving Leafy their response to his ban. Leafy moves to Twitch, home of the Twitch thots such as Pokimane and Alinity.
          Video Game News:
          Halo removes police references from game. Game journos celebrate

          Activision greed Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War price increase.

          Activision censors new COD game to appease Chinese market