I have no idea what’s happening but my wattpad seems like it isn’t working. im not getting any notifications or chats so that might be a problem if someone wants to message me, so yikes. im not sure if it’s just the app or just my phone and im not sure if this problem is only happening to me lol 


@parkexlo Same, I thought it was just me


@parkexlo I haven’t been getting notifications either D:


hey you! person! 
          read all of it! i mean it!
          if you're murdered, i wouldn't be at your funeral...i'd be in jail for killing the person who killed you.
          we're true friends.
          we ride together.
          we die together. 
          send this to all the people you care about including me. if i get one, thank you. after reading this letter, you must send this to 15 people including me. 
          hyo <3


Hai!! I love your nct imagines book and was wondering if you could do a ten imagine for me plz (him as y/n older brother and getting overprotective of y/n from jisung cos jisung likes y/n) if that's oki


Thanks for reading and voting for my book! I really appreciate it, and I love your work! ❤️❤️❤️


no problem! I can’t wait to finish it tomorrow! it’s really good! thank you for doing the same for my book. I’m really glad you enjoy my book! take care love! <3 


Hi, I am phaylen.
          I was wondering if you could check my book out,it's titled"THE PERSONALITY" I'd really appreciate it if you do.
          phaylen✿ ✿ 


Omggg hiiii i came across you nct imagines book when it was around 600k NOW ITS 1 M CONGRATULATIONS U DESERVE I LUV UR IMAGINES!! 


oh my gosh! thank you for loving and supporting my book! it means so much to me that you love it! I can’t help but say thank you again since you’re one of the beautiful people who helped get the book to 1 million! thank you so much!! <3 


Hello ! I just want to congratulate you for getting 1M read on your book ! You are superb oh my God ! Btw stay safe , and I love you
           (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) 


thank you so much! that means a lot to me! I hope you and any loved ones of yours is also safe!