▫basically I'm just hella amazing
▫I like to listen to anything alternative, indie or rock. plus Troye Sivan and Juice Wrld bc why not?
▫I love sushi. But I hate fish fingers, like what the fuck even are they? they look like pieces of shit.
▫School is death, makes me want to stick my head in a blender and pour the contents in an oven.
▫I like to read. A lot.
▫I have a very vivid imagination, and it can get hella crazy inside that lil' Ol' mind of mine

im a uni student with my body six feet below a pile of work so i cant be sure (and maybe because i procastinate more than an average procrastinator) but i want to perhaps produce some of my own works. Hopefully I'll make some donkey shit up, so feel free to follow me for updates.

Also, check out my reading lists. I have a very open minded soul, so don't be surprised by what I read. p.s they're not categorised properly. I tried, I promise xD
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