Nothing in life is so bad that it can't be solved with chocolate, Oreos, hugs, movies and weird and wonderful miracles. Miracles like unexpected best-friends, a person to watch chic-flicks and "This Is Us" with and meeting random awesome people with awesome accents. 
Hey guys,
If you are bothering to read this then you obviously want to know about me. Ummmmm well
I should probably just make a list
- Likes: Chocolate, boy bands, Oreos, movies, writing and reading (especially on wattpad), basketball, Disney, writing songs and my Dalmatian,Finn
- Dislikes: Mean people, chocolate haters, Justin Beiber, Disney haters and nosy people.
- Aims: To beome a famous author/singer/actress, to go to Oxford University and to eat a rainbow Oreo.
-Looks: Average height, curvy, brown hair, grey eyes.
Ummmmmmmmmmm... yeah so that's me:)!!!
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