Likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain(just kidding, pineapples are gross and I'm not old enough to drink yet anyway)

Is obsessed with almost every John Hughes movie from the 80s

Enjoys reading books about World War 1 and loves drawing even though it sucks

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing

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📚Madeline Poppy BeaumontQF(febris)
🦊Iris Bell Task5(empty night)
🐻Liam Hughes Task6(empty night)
😂Chuckles Task2(The Forgotten)
🐭Titania Myshka Petrov SF(Hotel)

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  • IKEA Meatballs
  • JoinedJuly 26, 2017

Story by Erin
Random Writings by odinvincent2011
Random Writings
A collection of short stories. I might add more later.