Joined 1 year ago bitches
Aries with anger issues so if you see me comment something rude or mean or it just comes out aggressive then yeah
And I love sharing my opinion so if you don't like it good for you and even if I'm wrong I'm still going to maybe continue or just say I'm wrong my ego is very high depend on my mood
I hate Pisces with a passion will woman Pisces they are soo fucking fake (my grandma mother and ex toxic best friend) are Pisces so yeah never met a Pisces guy before tho so who knows maybe there better......
Next thing you don't want to start a argument with me I most likely win so don't even try bitches
Love smut
Support the LGBTQ community (need a gay bestie)
Probably one of the most complicated person alive
Not really shy
I might start posting a lot more who knows cuz a lot of weird shii happens to me or not weird but I would like to know if I'm the only one you know like it happened to or something shii like that
Don't really cry
Not really a people person more of a loner but I would like a friend group
In the process of watching shameless so far my fav series and if your wondering I did watch tvd & to & L (if you don't know what are those it's none of you business then) respectfully
Daddy Klaus
I hate Damon he's unattractive and I just hated him from the start never liked him I don't even like Ian summerhaldan I think that's how you spell his name, come for me all you want I hate him he doesn't deserve Elena after she left stephen I hated her
So any ways FUCK OFF 😒
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