- Fire on Fire by Sam Smith oml
-The Bowl of Soup That Changed Everything. Illyrian wingspan.
-Julian Blackthorn has my heart
-Feel free to tag my username anywhere when smone being hella stupid
-Shane dawson ruined the Smurf's for me so thank u Shane
- Alec Benjamin's lyrics>>>>>>>
- Pennywise is my boyfriend but I broke up with him after he killed Eddie :( like come on sis..u tearing down the bro code??
-like any average fellow belonging to the human species I love Netflix. And just tv.
- Storm and Silence (Rob Thier) is, and always will be, my favorite book on wattpad
-My favorite books irl: TOG series, Divergent series, all three Shadowhunters series, ACOTAR series plus like 100 others.
- Travis Scott, Shawn Mendes, Jon Bellion, One Direction, Muse, AC/DC, The Neighbourhood, The Fray, Drake, Logic, The 1975 and a LOT more
-My guitar and piano is my baby if you touch it we're gonna have a problem
-I love Damon but....Klaus>>>>>>

- uh Gilmore Girls, Greys anatomy, Rhythm and Flow, Outer Banks, Lucifer, NOT RIVERDALE I HATE IT, Scorpion, The Umbrella Academy, The Society, Insatiable, Teen Wolf, Elite, Haunting of the Hill House, TVD (though I couldn't finish it cause I developed a strong hatred for dear Elena)
-Elite makes me wanna learn Spanish.
-look mom I can fly....
- Not completely useless at writing but...what can I say? I'm lazy and unproductive by nature
- If u think Grey's Anatomy is for nerds this ain't the place for you so please exit immediately 💅

P.S Lucky Blue Smith is daddy

now if you're done being nosy u may leave
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