My little darlings, 
          	I'm good, healthy, and alive. 
          	Sorry for the unannounced break from wp, I kind of felt like i needed it. Although, I didn't stop writing. I'm writing, not everyday but trying my best to make time. I thought of updating AOOM like I used to but the remaining chapters mostly have filler scenes which might bore you down so i decided to settle the book with one last update, by publishing all the chapters till the epilogue. I finished writing three chapters, 3 more to go, so bear with me.
          	To the trueblood readers, I'm taking care of it too. It's, in fact, ready to be published but I don't wanna take more weight to my shoulder. A good craftsman never blame his tools, but i can't help it. Writing on phone sucks. 
          	Love you, as always. 
          	Read all your messages, thank you for remembering and loving me and my books. Muah! 


@nixashblack I miss trueblood so much its my all time favourite, I am patiently waiting for it❤️


So does this mean there will only be 6 more chapters to conclude AOOM?


You come to update us bout urself, that enough for us to be assure , thanks


I read All of Our Tears & like everybody else it broke my heart. I read it about a year ago & still haven’t forgotten it. Then by accident I learned there is a book 2, can’t wait to read that one. Thank you for your great stories. BTY, I am now one of your followers.


Congratulations on your sister's wedding. ♥️♥️
          But, btw did anyone guess the bad news yet?? I cannot think of anything


@cadaver__ Isn’t it obvious…Memories updates would take some time that’s the bad news she mentioned 


@niniiam04 I was talking about her post  on Instagram.  She said there’s a bad news also good news. & I wondered what that bad news is about!