Uploaded a new story! I really hope you will like it. Thank you! 
          	“An Unknown Intertwine Fate”


@nauiworld Always write the amazing plots of history


Hey, hope u doing well.. 
          Me too am a very big fan of Chinese traditional dramas... No, in fact am a very big fan of China too I really like writting novels. I just signed in the watt pad today ND the first story I wanted to eagerly read was urs.. I hope u r going to bring such stories on the upcoming days..!!  Best of luck 


Helloo . Your stories are very light but i really really really do likeeee it. 
          I was hoping to read some few extra special chapters if that would be possible to your 2 completed stories. I want to know how are they, what's their life is like, and etc.
          Hoping you can add some, pretty pleaseeee! Luv u, keep writing, and God bless ❤️❤️❤️


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