Hey guys! This is a big announcement on my book called, 'Him.' The book would be unpublished soon because I would be replacing it with my other  book that I'm currently working on.
          	That does not mean I won't ever re-publish, 'Him.' I would publish once I'm done with the book I am replacing it with.
          	- Nas Van Ally. 


@nasvanally but 'Him'? 


Hi I am a big fan of your book His wife. It is an amazing book. I am new as a writer, and I would reallyyy appreciate if you would read my 1st book, really mean a lot. Also, you have an amazing writing style!


Your story ”his wife” is my favorite wattpad  story...i have read it 3 times and I am starting it for the 4th time right now! As a writer your stories are goals! Thank you for the inspiration!


Your stories are amazing .....I read 'His Wife' and it's really awsomee and I bet if this story ever becomes a movie it will be a hit and would leave the audience both with tears and joy