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Hi, sorry for plugging but if you have time can your read the story of "The man inside my mind" and "Alessia Calynn"? Help me to reach one k on "The man inside my mind" story. Your votes and comments are highly appreciated, thanks!! 


Hi! Sorry for plugging. If you're looking for a new story to read, you can try mine. 
          Title: Blinded by Love
          Description: Alam na alam natin ng kasabihang 'Love is Blind' but how can you find true love if love literally blinded you?
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          Secret Identity ( on going ) 

          Luna en Primavera ( soon ) 
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          Hello! I hope that if you're have a time, please read my story. It is a Japanese-Filipino love story and it is very cute and exciting! I really much appreciate it if you also vote, like and comment on my story. Thank you and God Bless! 


Hi! I just want to promote my story, hope you won't mind :)
          Action || Sci-fi || Romance (slight)
          Title: 2035
          "Each one of us has a freedom, no onw can take it from us... Maliban na lamang kung hahayaan mo silang makuha ito mula sa iyo."