if anyone is feeling like absolute crap about everything, me too sis- let’s talk abt it : )


@morebob I do esp. life went to shithole( excuse my language) but yeah, its been pretty bad and I don't know if I will be able to do anything I love anymore.


@morebob  I do too, and I rather not talk about it. But would you like to talk about why you feel like crap.


Hi i love ur book saved by the gang leader its a beautiful book....i don't want pressure u or anything but to ask a question and give an advice i hope that's ok....u said u have to be forcing chapters out of your head but i was wondering what about u make it flow as in not to think too hard but to relax an imagine the book flowing through ur mi d to where it is not and what u would want to happen next if it's or long i really wanna see through her pregnancy and so and i think u would do a great job consider God bless u 


Yes it would be great right to go through her pregnancy and see how ace act and how their relationship grows and how she grow and how they go shopping for baby thing gender revealing it would be amazing love the sorry !!


          I am also writing a book named Apart Together, it's a romance genre. It's my first time writing a book, so can you give me any tips or tricks that I should always remember while writing? Please feel free to give me any advice related to even basic grammar. 
          Please read the book too. 
          I am from India so if there are any goofs related to American lifestyle please feel free to notify me.