Greetings, Mortals. I am Luna, Only Child of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Moon and Young Maidens. I'm also the lone Heir and Assassin of the Court of Creation. 

(Lady Chaos, Lady Order, Lady Void, and of course, the Fates)

My hobbies are Creating, Assassinating, Pulling Practical Jokes, Singing and Dancing, Archery and Fencing. I also like hanging with my Hunter Girls. I can turn into dragons and wolves at will, so I love nothing more than lazing around as a SunDragon on a rock under Apollo. Or howling at the Full Moon with admiration towards Artemis.

I have a bunch of cool adventures to tell in tall tales, so Follow me and enjoy the ride. Just do't forget to vote!
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Stories by Daughter Of Artemis
Some Things Cannot Be Unmade by moonsdaughter1
Some Things Cannot Be Unmade
I don't want to fall in love, because I always fall out of it. Humans are monsters, taking and never giving...
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The  Lost And Broken Maid by moonsdaughter1
The Lost And Broken Maid
The Demigods are all but extinct and Persephone Jackson is sad. She makes peace with Tartarus and all the oth...
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