I realised the previous description was awkward so here's a new one. Few things about me :

I'm a BTS trash. Too bad I'll never meet them (I've never met another fanboy/girl cause there's none around me).

I watch k-dramas too.

Music is life. I love dancing.

One regret : I wish I had found about this i.e, wattpad earlier.

I like to think & listen & talk too. But most of the time I've got a resting bitchface so....
(I love smiling though)

I'm a positive person filled with humor & sarcasm.

I don't mean to brag but I'm am a proud owner of lame jokes.

I usually rant & ramble a lot (mostly on things I'm passionate about)

I'm a passionate procastinator & a very buzy lazy person.

I love sleep but I since I love reading books so that messes up the sleeping hours.

My secret talents include tripping over nothing & knocking into everything.

In short I'm basically that quiet introvert girl that appears kinda mean or shy at first then after a while bam! I do the most random, stupid & absolutely crazy shit.
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