Hello!!! I hope your doing fine in our current situation. Please update all of your stories, they're all so amazing. 


Hey author. I really want to know the ending of villain of redemption. So please update in one go if you want to update it. 
          Stay safe


I love you. That is all I can say cause your stories are fricking amazing and.... see i am speechless! 
          Hope you are safe, stay healthy and uhhh good luck? Thank you >w< 


@mile00x I hope you are doing alright author. And after a while you will update your stories.
          All 3 of your works are very interesting as to what I read so far. I do hope at some point you will return to continue them. 
          Stay safe author.


Hey author, is all of the stories in a hiatus or did you drop all of 'em? Because I really like your stories, it's just that you haven' t updated it for almost 2 years.


Please update Just a Substitute it's been years since you updated I'm begging you I'm dying waiting for the update