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MADS. 18. the world's biggest hizzie, klaroline, becho, klaus mikaelson, fallon carrington, blair waldorf, jim halpert, timothèe chalamet, harry styles, jenny boyd, jordan fisher, lizzie saltzman, jj maybank, frary, jeremy jordan, and joseph morgan stan. teenage fangirl and musical theatre geek. fun sized. crazy cat lady. team iron-man. roleplayer and shipper who spends way too much time on netflix.

RYANN - the josie to my lizzie
Z - the toni to my cheryl
JJ - the raven to my octavia
JADE - the scott to my stiles
JAMIE - the damon to my stefan
EMMA - the lydia to my allison
A - the jo march to my laurie
MARI - the anastasia to my dimitri
CHERRY - the kenna to my mary
MARIE - the hope to my lizzie
BAILEY - the castiel to my dean
ELLA - the isaac to my scott
KATE - the wanda to my pietro
VIOLET - the bucky to my steve
CECE - the piper to my annabeth
HARLEY - the elijah to my klaus
NICOLE - the fallon to my kirby
EM - the sammy to my dean
MARA - the eliza to my angelica
CAITLYN - the derek to my scott
K - my roleplaying soulmate
AMETHYST - the joey to my chandler
MYA - the natasha to my steve
KAYLA - the chance to my brady
KYLO - the elena to my bonnie
CECE - the piper to my annabeth
MEGAN - the finnick to my peeta

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mikaelsexuality mikaelsexuality Jan 16, 2021 11:41PM
only replying to marvel and a few select others right now. i feel awful, i’m trying to get through this show, and i’m only feeling a few things right now. sorry guys!
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