Love me or Hate me
It's still an Obsession
Love me or Hate me
That is the question...
If you love me then
Thank you!^^
If you hate me then
F**k you!^^

*coughs*...yeah well I'm going to let this be the introduction..don't take it personally or as a request it's just weirdo me that has this lyrics in the head and then stuff like that happen...-.-
Anyway...Bonjour you beautiful buttholes and welcome to my Profile side <3 well to start off my Name is Melli ( btw my real Name is Melisa and yeah you write it with one "s" but you say it like "Melissa") obviously my Version is better *Flips hair dramatically* ( no offense to anyone which Name is Melissa, you're gorgeous too)
Well as you can see I love literally love this is my title bc everybody who knows me knows that I'm the cupcake....People like to call me that. And yeah I'm a crazy, sweet Little Person and with my friends I'm even crazier bc I just have weirdos as friends!^^ ( thats why I wuv them so much) So I'm here to read stories obviously and to vote and comment bc I'm a nice Person and if you look at my library you might discover that I'm into stories that have to do something with love....I love love so that's it <3

*Be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins
*If heaven doesn't have cupcakes then I'm not going
* I love you more then a cupcake
*Love is just a word until someone really Special gives it a meaning
*I may like to shop but I'm not buying your bullshit
*Be with a Boy who smudges your lipstick, not your mascara
*Be different, it's attractive
*HOW TO BE HAPPY--stop comparing yourself with others

Disclaimer: this has been made in 2014 which means a while ago which means my teenage self did that. Congrats kid on being "funny". The 22 year old me is too lazy tho to come up with something new or to change it up so here we are. Bless your hearts.
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