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i don’t know how many times i’ve told you but i really miss your writing, it was so good! and now that you’re inactive kinda sad because i’ve honestly been missing seeing those rare updates and getting super excited to read the newest chapters of your books. i don’t know why but my mind constantly drifts back to reading through the buttercup series for the first time, it was magical. now there are more authors whose work i’ve come to fall in love with, but, i don’t think i will ever forget you. thank you, from some random person potentially halfway across the world, for inspiring me for about a good year at this point. i know i know you will probably never even sign back into this account. and if you do it could possibly be years from now, and you might respond. by then i’d ‘ve kissed this app goodbye. and i might years later see your response if i decide to look back on the kid i used to be. i don’t know why i’m writing this, i just kinda felt like it, it’s time for bed, and my friend is trying to contact me. <3 bye for a long ass time :/


Considering the fact you are now inactive and I'm unsure whether you will finish the other book or not, I just wanted to tell you that you writing is amazing and I love it so so much. So much that you inspired me to keep on writing and try to improve my writing skills. I'm very thankful for your highly intriguing and brilliant books. Best of luck with whatever you decide to go on to do 
          - Ezra x


Hey I understand that you aren’t really  active anymore, but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed all of your books, your writing is one of a kind. It really is. Made me cry a lot not gonna lie. 


this message may be offensive
          i understand you really aren't active anymore, but u'd figure i'd leave this here.
          your writing is astonishing, and you've really motivated me to keep going.
          i read 'clickbait, baby' first, and absolutely fell in love with your simple and understandable formatting, and exquisite word choice. i moved onto your 'buttercup' trilogy, and finished 5 minutes ago.
          holy shit i've never had a series hit me so hard.
          i've never been one to get into the experimental or futuristic kinds of writing, but your got me hooked. the ending to 'monsters' was more than pleasing, leaving it on the simple, but breath taking note.
          i love your writing, and i hope you continue.
          - from
                    some random canadian girl


hey, this means a lot to me. thank you for going out of your way to tell me this, i appreciate it more than you know. ❤️


Hiya there. I was just wondering if you deleted your smuts from the one-shot book. I swear you had some on there, but I could just be crazy. It's fine if you did I just remember seeing them. Just wanna make sure I'm not going insane


yeah, i took them down. probably should’ve made a post about it but it slipped my mind haha, sorry