thank you for getting spiderman to the top 93 in non fiction!


Hi, just started a new book called STAR BORN ,it start during endgame but later on I will follow my own storyline,  it will feature a broad number of your favourite characters, not only from the MCU  but also from the comics
          Please come support
          Lots of love, Mona



Hello! I was wondering if you would like to look at my new published book entitled "Civil War"! It was my first ever book with writing since I was trying out literature, and maybe you can comment your opinions about it and it would help me a lot! I'm currently still on the editing process, but the description and prologue and intro are already out, but the other parts will be up soon! 
          Here's the link just in case you need it:
          Thank you so much! Bless
          - Ken