I'm an artist, a lyricist, and a composer with a passion for a good book. 

Note to authors: Don't vote-gate. Many of the greatest literary minds of all time weren't discovered until they died. The world would be a sad and horrible state if they waited until they became popular to finish a story. Believe in yourself and tell your story.

If they waited for people to recognize them, we would never know who Edgar Allen Poe was and storytelling as we know it would never have existed. John Keats, the father of English Romanticism, considered untalented in his day. Emily Dickinson, one of the founders of American poetry who challenged the norms and forged her own path, none of her stuff was even published until she died. Hell, even Herman Melville was considered a colossal failure while alive. Mow Moby Dick is required reading material.

Don't sell yourself short by vote gating. The people have proven century after century that they can't be relied upon to define greatness at the moment on conception. Trust your instincts, hone your craft, and keep writing.
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