I'm not a writer, I love reading! I feel within the stories and quite fertile, especially novels, action, adventure, terror and martial arts. I'm practicing d. Martial Arts and prof.d. Muay Thai, I take my life in the opposite of the sedentary lifestyle I also love taking care of my health, caring for the neighbor or the friendship, I am attentive, calm and even being very serious more, I like very much d.sorrir go understand. I no longer feel as shy as I once believed. God has changed me a lot; Some friends say q.is fake shyness rsr ...... No qee not liking more, I'd rather not eat although some well prepared red meats are delicious. I do not find myself very carnivorous just d.carne red, I prefer white meat and I like very d.saladas and fruits.
I like d.passear, to distract myself a bit, I like d.assistir films, drawings (several) I like d.estar at home too, taking care of the home (chores) is not my passion but I do not like it.are in dirty or messy environment I hate it !!!!!! I love nature as long as straight is everything d.bom !!.
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