I am sorry for disappearing suddenly.... My life is so unsteady now and have no choices. So basically can't think anything... So i will republish my completed stories and unpublished new ones.. As I can't continue it as of now.. So sorry who and all waiting for it. 
          	This writing hobby was escape from reality it helped me... But now j think I can't continue due to my life. 
          	I am sorry my lovely readers... If u can wait u can.. I don't know when I will be back and if u can't wait.. U can enjoy others stories
          	As manan is one United us. ❤so it will be forever. 
          	Old stories will be republished soon by this week.. So don't worry!! ✨
          	Byee... Have a great life ahead.... 
          	Signing off..... 


@maha_manan1108 maha one of my family  frd opp to me house he did emergency medicine at porur ramachandra i think he paid donation or captivation fees jt enquiry abt it. Intial he was placed at one of the kauveri hospital in alwarpet for 2yrss then he got placed at appollo hyderabad so jt enquirie abt it if ur interested then u xan do ur pg in abroad after getting experience nd earning good


OMG I missed you ❤️‍


@maha_manan1108 hi maha , you have a great talent and you are very strong person at young age only you are writting amazing stories. About your career  think calmly and mbbs is not only a life option there are so many opportunities you can try for