To all the Wattpadders who celebrate, have the very best time on your Memorial Day holiday weekend as possible, keeping, safe and well, using the best  of common sense.


You as well LJ!


thanks! I've published the next part from Dominic's point of view. I was really worried about the reaction I'd get but I thought I'd give it a go


Hey, can please check out my poetry and review it will be very helpful.


            Hi, Catherine - I don’t wish to sound impolite but I don’t do reviews of anything; reading my own stuff is hard enough.
            I can suggest that you have a look at the PoetsPub (link below) it is a great gathering place for poets from all over the world where you will get all kinds of comments and support. The only real rule is to leave your ego at the door otherwise you are welcomed immediately.
            Again, my apologies but it is no something I do on request.
            P.S. You followed me last September!  :P))


Hi there!
          Thanks for the vote on my poem, Videocalls.
          I really appreciate it!
          Remember that you're one hell of an amazing person and don't you ever forget it!
          Lots of love and stay safe,
          Franklin J. Stadler ❤


Hey hi there...
          I need help with my poetry skills. Can you help me to improve with my issues or the area I need to work on. Please let me know. Thank you. 


@lyttlejoe I don't know, it's just that I am not satisfied with my work myself. That's what... Making me feel low. I am wondering what I should do to improve my skill in writing...? Is it possible for you to check on my WorDribbles book as it contains small poems I have written... And can u tell ke exactly the issue or the thing I am lacking in.... Please... joe...


            Yikes! I am flattered no doubt but I don't see myself as a teacher in any way. Perhaps if you specify your issues or what you think they are, I could maybe offer an opinion.
            PM me anytime and let's see what we can come up wih