Larrieee 💙💚

Bottom louie cause that's hot af!!! 🥵🥵😉

I fookin' love reading n writing bottom louie smut 😉

-Directioner (since 2011)
-believes in soulmates
-hates studying
-have dimples just like hazza (wish lou'd play with them too)
-ocean blue eyes just like lou
All of my friends say "You're literally a mixture of them." ironic, isn't it??
My larrents 🥺💙💚

-meeting new people
-trying different types of cuisines
-sky watching ( night sky)
-dancing (however I want 🤭)

Why does lou look soo fookin' fluffy and smol he even 5'7
Hazza literally towers over him, it's soo fookin' hot!

(Dm's are open whenever if u need to talk)
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