Who let the vamps out? Chapter 6 + 7 have just been posted on Patreon! For early updates & uncensored chapters, click the link below ;) 
          	Enjoy xx
          	Link: https://www.patreon.com/letsgohomehidee


@letsgohomehidee one of these days I'll support you there..


Hi!! Will your book The Class Prince be available on Amazon? And will it ship to Dubai? Love your worksss xo


Will you ever post a character summary for WLTVO with like pictures and stuff? I’m not desperate for it but I really want to know what you imagine the characters to look like. Btw I’m reallyyyyy liking it! x


I’m loving WLTVO (I believe the acronym was- it’s 3AM and I can’t think properly) and I am just- in love with the characters. I honest to god aspire to achieve an ounce- a single ounce of your writing skill, which unfortunately instead of being in the near future, will likely be in the far far future. Keep up the good work and take breaks when ya need to x


@Ironicallystolen aww this was so cute, thank you ♡ I'm glad you like the book!!! I'm not that great tbh but I wish you the best with your writing. You'll do great xx


New chapter of WLTVO ♡ please show it some love!
          P.s: thank you for your kind messages. I'm definitely feeling better than I was a few days ago~


@letsgohomehidee  glad to hear you’re feeling better:”) 加油! <3 (strive forward hahah)


I am glad that you are feeling better. Wish I could have done more but there is only so much that I can say before I becomes too much. I wish you get better soon and you are an amazing person.
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