tsk , tsk , another home visit . is this going to be a regular now , ms. wilson ? if so i advise coming tuesdays ,  greys anatomy comes on on thursdays .


@officerkinks          i am simply concerned for my student's well being  .  yes  ,  he's quite the class clown  ,  but he seems to be getting picked on for it too  .  i just wanted to make you aware of this  .  i've spoken to the students too  ,  but they're little . .  well  ,  they're little assholes  ,  to be quite honest  .  this won't be a regular thing but i'm sure you'd want to hear about this  .  many times parents and teachers go without knowing of how put students are being treated by their peers  .  bullying is not in any way  ,  shape  ,  or form tolerated .