Hi hi ♡

The name is Layloni (lay - lawn - ee) & I am a twenty-two-year-old aspiring novelist.

I love to read young adult romance novels and make playlists in my free time when I'm not writing. I also love to make friends, so feel free to send me a message or say hi on my board. I will definitely say "hey" back! :'))

With this, I will leave a few of my favorite quotes that inspire me a lot, and that I believe could inspire you, too!

♡ "Tomorrow you will have wished you had done it today."

♡ "If you didn't believe you could do it, then you wouldn't have started."

♡ "If you're afraid, be afraid, and then do it."

Have a great day to whoever is reading this, and I wish you great success and happiness x o x o

Much love,

Layloni ♡
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