\      some of y’all are weird af…. 


**        what happened now?? o.o


Hey  ,     Hi       El   !       *      The  boy  said,    as 
                      the   tone   of     his    voice      was  
          tender   'n    jubilant           ..  
              immediately   Mike  's  face  lit  up
                                        (  in excitement,   that  is.  )
               his   pupils   then   dilated  for  a  second;    before  his   lips  curved   into  a  smile,   
               making   his    way       towards   el
                  now      standing    infront  of    her.    *
                    '  i've  miss  you,      like  i  really
             /  really  /      missed       having     you—   
                                                    around    but      hey   ! 
                                                    i'm      here     now.    '


@crtiveleadr       *   
                              a   soft smile was placed on eleven’s face as she now stood face to face with him .    his eyes still as warm as they were when they both first met .     el had been looking forward to seeing mike for months now .     the move to california had been challenging ,     especially now that she didn’t have her powers .      ‘        mike !       i’ve missed you too .      you look great !        ’     she said with a small laugh as she examined his outfit .    the brunette then grabbed the others hand and pulled him into the house .     ‘      how’s everyone in hawkins ?       ’ 


@hawkinsmechanic     *
            ‘          um ,     i was sent to get some parts for ms . byers     ?      she said she called .        ’     the girl replied with hesitation in her voice ,     she was still new to this “normal”   life thing .