Few Facts - 

~I am a student in the U.S
~ I can speak 3 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese currently learning Korean :)
~ I have 1 BFF and here she is @YoonToMyMinnie (follow her and read her Yoonmin version of The End of the Fucking World! It's a really goood wattpad)
~Sometimes I have trust issues because of a person who I shall not name. I thought they were my friend when they really weren't, they were just so childish that they didn't know how to react to others who cared about them. They were toxic and they backstabbed me for something so stupid. I can never trust them ever again.... They even unfollowed me on wattpad,I swear 😂 .... U know who u are if ur reading this ;)
~My bias is V (I am a Taelien )
~My bias wrecker is Jungkook
~I've been an ARMY for 2 months (January 29, 2020!)
~ I have only two BTS albums! Sponsor me I need more merch! (MOTS7 Version 2 and LY: Her)

Playlist (u should listen 2)
1. Exo- Blooming Day
2. Ddu - du - ddu - du - Black Pink
3 Love Shot- Exo
4 Black Swan - BTS
5 Truth Untold - BTS
6 Love Maze - BTS
8 ON - BTS
9 Sweet Night - V
10 Anpanman- BTS

~Forbidden Love is my first wattpad
~ I stan Jackson Wang sooooo much!

~ Kdramas u should watch -
1. Personal Taste - Soo Good! My favorite actor Lee Min Ho is on there!
2. Inheiritors - Also really good, my fav actor Lee Min Ho is on there 2!
3. My Holo Love - Good I haven't finished watching it thi :(
4. Meteor Garden - Not a Kdrama tho a Chinese TV show.! I love Daoming Si!
5. Train to Busan - Isn't a Kdrama but is a movie! I loved it so much but cried at the ending :(

Youtube Channels I watch-
1. Anna oop
2. Misup
3. Laughcable (SO FUNNI I SWEAR!)
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