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          Tangent Love

          She's the Gangster's Princess 

          Lust And Love

          Consequences of Loving Him



Hello guys! Im really sorry for not updating my stories. The reason I started writing is because I had so much ideas in my mind that I know I can express with writing. I really wanna write.. I love writing. And I wanna write from the heart and mind combined. I started writing for myself too. Ive written like five stories and never published one of them kasi I felt contented just reading them myself na kahit papaano nasulat ko yung mga imaginations ko and ideas. Then I published two stories and I am really happy na people appreciate it. And theyre giving it attention. And I like reading good comments. And I think I got carried away. So i started just typing and typing. Ive already type so much chapters and one night nabasa ko lahat ng tinype ko. Habang binabasa ko sya hindi talaga maganda, parang wala lang. Wala akong mafeel. Parang nagtatype lang ako para may maiupdate tapos bahala na. And it hit me yung pinaka point ng pagsusulat ko nawala. And I think that's one of the problems with some authors, Yung para na lang sa reads kahit wala lang yung story dahil alam nilang may susuporta and I dont want to be like that. I might delete the stories I published and rewrite again. I promise it will be back. Its just a lot happened to me these past few months or year, problems, emotional breakdowns and etc. But its all well now. I am now taking my vacation and clearing my mind so I can go back to writing and all the things I like doing. So I hope you guys can understand! Thank you so much.